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Whatever Stage of Marriage You're In

We are here for you.

Prepare for Marriage

We are passionate about building strong and secure marriages, starting before they begin. The best thing you can do when you get engaged is to not just plan the wedding, but plan for your marriage and lifetime together. 

The reality is some of us have had multiple marriages and the statistics aren't in our favor. Preparing for Remarriage is critical to saving the marriage before it begins. We understand the stigmas and challenges in the relationship and the families involved. We want to guide and support you before and during your marriage. 

We partner with the Twogether in Texas Program and Prepare Enrich to offer 8 hours of assessment and marriage training for couples. Once you've completed our program, you will receive a certificate to present to the licensing office to receive a discount.

Strengthen Your Marriage

Maybe you are in your first decade of marriage and this can be when troubles come. We know most people didn't have any preparation or good examples for marriage, so we are here to give you the tools that will strengthen your marriage and help you navigate through your differences and disagreements. We want to help you have a vision and be intentional in your marriage. 

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Restore Your Marriage

There can be major offenses in marriage that cause significant pain, betrayal and breach of trust. It's difficult to know the right steps to take in this situation and we would love to support you and your spouse on this journey to reconcile and restore the relationship. There is hope for repairing and rebuilding.

Recover from Divorce

Sometimes you don't have a willing and committed spouse to restore the relationship. We want to help you begin the process of healing and moving forward - healthy and whole during your separation and divorce. We believe you can discover yourself in singleness, restore your confidence and thrive. 

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