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Children & Teens

We are here for you & your child.

We care for the next generation - our children & teens. They are the future leaders, spouses, parents and professionals and we want to protect and prepare them for life. They are part of the Big Tech age and are exposed to more media than ever, earlier than ever. Navigating this time in life has never been more complex for both you and your child. Parents, we understand it's difficult for you to navigate these things and we want to support you and your child in this confusing culture. The adolescent stage is full of identity and worth issues, need for acceptance, anxieties, challenges and pressures about the future. We are here to give them the attention they need, join them in their struggles and situations, to help them have confidence, courage and clarity during this season and start preparing them for adulthood.


Schedule with our children & teens therapist today. 

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